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This title is an original Io entertainment in a well-known and common format for the series – “eat and grow”. As you know from other Io games, the more you eat, the stronger you become. As such, you can overcome the rivals and move to the victory! You will start your development from a small and weak fly that can grow into a large and hostile predator with time. Still, to become that strong and big, you will have to do your best – there are numerous enemies all around you! The smaller you are, the more characters can and will eat you. So beware and do your best to survive!
The main task is to gather food and eat smaller creatures to evolve. In the upper part of the screen, you will see a bar that shows your experience rate. Also, you will find information about your current stage there as well as the possible evolution level. You will know which is the next animal you can transform at. Also, there are small pictures of the animals you can eat – on the lowest stage of your development, there will be just a couple of them, but the amount will grow as you become larger. In addition, animals that you can eat, will be colored with green on the field. At the same time, you should avoid colliding with creatures that are colored in red – those are your potential killers. The developers were pretty logical when creating this game. For instance, butterflies eat the flower powder, while the flies are fond of trash. Don’t forget that you have to drink as well, so track the sources of water and ensure that your character doesn’t suffer from thirst.
During the game, you will play for different animals and insects. Your habitual environment will change along with the creature you control. There are there main layers here – the sky, land, and underground. Wherever you are, make sure to supply yourself with water and food. When finding a water point, you need to be careful, especially if you are still small and peaceful. Look around to see if there are predators there. If you are a predator yourself, enter the lands safe – you are strong enough to compete with other animals for useful resources, including water. There are three main categories of animals here – insects, small birds, and large birds. Each creature can fly. The largest birds can eat even cats and pigs! When you will become one, you won’t have to eat fruits and small bugs anymore. Become a flying nightmare and make all the other participants shiver from fear when they see you approaching!

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