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Are you ready to continue your journey through the cruel, but extremely interesting world of survival and constant development? This world is full of adorable flying creatures of all shapes and sizes. From the smallest bugs, flies, and other insects, to really large and mighty predator birds like hawks and eagles, you will make your way through each stage and grow larger and stronger with every next step. The game is full of competition, challenges, and dangers. Mostly, you will become an object of them at the beginning of the game, when you are just a small fly. As in the first part of the game, this one will also allow you to pass the long and tedious way from a tiny insect into a massive bird. However, here you will find more options for development, more creatures to turn into, and more useful resources to gather if you want your character to become the strongest predator ever. Get ready for a really long journey from the bottom to top!
So what is waiting for you in the second part of Fly or Die? In a word, this game is an expanded version of the very first one. As you know, Io titles don’t have a plot, but they are all centered around the idea of constant development where you fight with other gamers and eat those that are smaller. Avoid the enemies that are larger and stronger than you – the game excludes any luck, when you are less-developed, then you die. You won’t be able to compete with someone larger than you, no matter how witty and skilled you are. So avoid every character who is lightened with the red color on the field and feel free to swallow everything that is lightened with green – this is safe! Also, not only you will have to eat food and other players, but also you need to drink water not to let your character die from thirst. Find the sources of water and get into them every time you feel so. The game will inform you when your character lacks something – there is a bar on the top of the screen that demonstrates your current state and needs you have at the moment.
The final aim of this game sounds pretty simple – eat everything and everyone you can to grow and become strong predator. This only sounds simple, but you will see how challenging the process might be, especially when you consider the number of competitors that are trying to the same! The field of the game will change when you develop, so you will see different locations that suit your next evolutionary stage better. From the sandy lands and green gardens, to the deep underground caves, you will find yourself travelling around all the layers of the world! Grow larger, do your best to eat and not to get eaten, and no less important – stay hydrated and provide your characters with everything needed for survival! And what is the most important – have fun!

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